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产品名称: Garage Project JP-HS01 Garage Sliding Door
产品型号: Motor, frame, roller shutter lift
全国服务热线: 400-820-3520

Garage Project JP-HS01 Garage Sliding Door
1. Standard garage sliding door size: width 2440mm-6000mm height 2300-3000mm

2. Jingpeng garage sliding door panel thickness: The surface of the door panel is 0.4-0.5mm thick galvanized color steel plate, filled with freon-free rigid polyurethane foam material, the door panel filler is even and full, and the thermal insulation performance is extremely high.

 3 Jingpeng. Garage sliding door color: RAL9003 (light gray) RAL5015 (sea blue) RAL7040 (silver gray) outer door panel color selection.

 4. Jingpeng garage sliding door track: There are two kinds of 2 inch (51mm) and 3 inch (76mm) tracks, all made of 1.53mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel. There are standard rails, low rails, high lift rails, vertical lift rails and sloping lift rails.

 5 Jingpeng. Garage sliding door balance system: External torsion spring balance system, torsion spring working life of 50,000-100,000 work cycles.

 6. Jingpeng garage sliding door sealing: bottom U-shaped vinyl sealing strip, anti-freezing, moisture-proof and waterproof infiltration, side, top, sealed with grooved sealing strip, joint between door panels, with convex groove and thermal partition tube or Strip seal. Under the pressure of 50Pa, the airtightness can reach 2.5m3/m2/h, and the lowest can reach 0.40m3/m2/h.

 7. Jingpeng industrial sliding door channel small door: When the door width is less than 5500mm, you can choose a variety of small size channel door.

 8. Jingpeng industrial sliding door safety: We provide anti-handle device, airbag or infrared sensor function; when the door is falling, the door control system will automatically rebound, so as to avoid people and cars in the residential area, with steel wire The anti-fracture device can safely run the door up and down to prevent accidents.

 9. Jingpeng Industrial Sliding Door Appearance: The inner and outer surfaces of the door body have been specially treated to meet the appearance requirements of various modern industrial plants.

 10. Jingpeng Industrial Sliding Six Wind Resistance: Through the internal reinforcement of the door panel, with other reinforcing fittings, our industrial doors can withstand the requirements of 12-level wind.

 11. Garage sliding door light transmission: Our geotechnical rectangular or oval double-layer insulating glass, surrounded by a flexible rubber window window, provides good daylighting and transparency.

 12. Garage sliding door anti-theft: We provide special door latches and door locks that can be locked from the inside, with a solid door body, effective anti-theft

 13. Garage sliding door observation small window: You can choose a variety of sizes of observation windows as needed.

 14. Garage sliding door body wind load: 180kg/m

 15. Garage sliding door flame retardant test reaches the grade: A

 16. Garage sliding door machine: Industrial door opener of FR95-CM model

 17. Power: 250W, 330W

 18. Drive voltage: single phase 230V ± 5% and three phase 380V ± 5%, 50Hz.

 19. Current: Single phase 1.7A, three phase 0.8A

 20. Transmission mode: direct shaft drive and indirect chain drive

 21. Output torque: single phase 50Nm, three phase 60Nm

 22. Maximum door weight: single phase 350Kg, three phase 700Kg

 23. Limit methods: Machinery and electronics

 24. Motor speed: 1400RPM

 25. Operating speed: 133mm / s (UNI8612 standard)

 26. Number of starts: 100 times / 24 hours

 27. Working temperature: -15 ° C ~ +60 ° C

 28. Deceleration method: gear

 29. Manual operation: The steering chain is used to realize mechanical and electrical clutching and manual operation. It can also realize the hand movement of the fast rope pulling method.

 30. Wireless remote control function: Provides fast and convenient wireless control.

 31. Tilting method: Mechanical tilting.

 32. Industrial bearing bracket: It can carry heavy load operation.

 33. Control box: 24VAC, one-button control OPEN/CLOSE/STOP, emergency stop switch electronic lock.

 34. Safety control device: Optional air-sensing safety protection, infrared safety protection device.

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