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Shanghai Peking Union doors to serve you! National Hotline:400-820-3520   Company service hotline 021-63637887 021-63635127  Emergency Phone:18918822750 Fax:021-52848851
High Speed Roller Door
Many-Windowed Rapid Door
Industrial Sectional Door
Soft Curtain
Stacking-up High Speed Door
Flexible door
Garage Project JP-HS01 Garage Sliding Door
Aluminum alloy fast rolling door
Welding (robot) equipment protective screen door
Anti-arc plate, anti-weld plate
Welding shield
Door Seal

        Jing Peng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jing Lian Thermal Insulation Rubber constitute a comprehensive group company led by the same Board of Directors. The main products include thermal insulation extrusion molding plate, high speed roller door, fast door, stacking-up door, industrial sectional door, soft curtain, big door, metal door, door seal and awning, etc.
The Company introduces the company with the advanced world level production line, emerges in and serves for the whole country, with the expansion of the domestic market as the way the Company will grow. The Company can meet the needs of the large customers, by relying on the new management concept, world-class advanced technology, and integration of research & development, sales, production, research & production, construction, installation and after-sales service, as well as the products at various levels,.

The Company has realized the follow-up of the whole processes including production, installation and construction, and has accumulated years of experiences and abundant theoretical knowledge in terms of technology, so as to ensure provision of accessories of high quality and stability.                      

Jing Peng Company welcomes the domestic and international customers to visit and negotiate wholeheartedly.

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