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产品名称: Shanghai Jingpeng fast rolling door series - facto
产品型号: Motor, frame, roller shutter lift
全国服务热线: 400-820-3520
Shanghai Jingpeng fast rolling door series - factory shop dedicated fast roll door

Note: This door is suitable for door openings within 6 meters wide. If the door opening is large, you can wear a few aluminum anti-air pipes.


Shanghai Jingpeng Fast Door Details
(1) Scope of application of Jingpeng fast door: suitable for food, medical, chemical, textile, refrigeration, electronics, printing, supermarket refrigeration assembly, logistics and warehousing, etc., as well as various channels, large-area openings, high windproof requirements Inside and outside doors.
(B), Jingpeng fast door material:
1. Frame material: The door frame is 2.0mm thick Baosteel cold-slab steel structure, which is processed by hemming processing and high-quality baking varnish process. The color is optional, aluminum alloy door frame or stainless steel door frame, customized according to customer needs.
2, curtain material (1) high-density industrial base fabric Origin: Germany Thickness: 0.8mm
Technical parameters: tensile strength (warp / weft): 5700/5100N / 5cm; sprinkling strength (warp / weft): 900 / 800N; use temperature: -30 ° C ~ +70 ° C; fire rating: German standard NF-P92 -503 or German standard M2DIN4102 B1
(2) Fully transparent PVC film
(3) The transparent window can be rectangular or oval, which increases the security and management convenience.
(2) Fast door characteristics: It has many functions such as intelligent rapid lifting, heat preservation, cold preservation, insect prevention, wind prevention, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, anti-odor, lighting, etc., and is widely used in food, chemical, textile, freezing, and electronic. , printing, supermarket refrigeration assembly, precision machinery, logistics and warehousing, automotive 4s shop, auto parts and other places, suitable for logistics channels, large-area openings, high wind and other requirements. It can improve the performance of high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, improve air conditioning, high-speed automatic shutdown, and improve efficiency.
2, opening and closing speed: 0.6-1.5m / s speed adjustable.
3, safety performance: orange photocell flash, when the door is open or closed, the red light flashes to show the warning, with a manual rocker attached to the power to gently open and close, more safe and convenient.
4. Sealing performance: The bottom end is equipped with elastic PVC base fabric, which can be tightly combined with various uneven grounds to reach the 10,000-class sealing standard. Sealing brushes are installed on both sides of the door post to reduce noise and increase sealing.
5, wind resistance performance; curtains are equipped with aluminum alloy wind-resistant strips, according to the size of the wind pressure to select the number of wind-resistant strips, the more the number, the stronger the wind pressure resistance.
6, power performance: SEW motor, three-phase 380V, 50HZ, IP55, power is 0.75-3.0kw
7. Control mode: The company provides you with a variety of manual or automatic control systems to meet the requirements of the user to open or close the door: 1. manual button control, 2. manual cable control, 3. manual remote control, 4. Geomagnetic ring induction control, 5. Photoelectric induction control, 6. Radar induction control, 7. Linkage interlock control, 8. Access control automatic control.
8, the curtain color is optional: red, yellow, blue, gray, orange, transparent and so on.

Shanghai Jingpeng offers you multi-induction system recommendations:
Manual button control (basic configuration)
Manual drawstring control (economical and practical)
Geomagnetic induction control (for vehicles and equipment channels)
Remote control (for remote control)
Radar induction control (for large flow and personnel channels)
Double-sided photoelectric control (special logistics channel)
Interlocking and interlocking of two doors (suitable for high cleanliness requirements)

Fast door manufacturer address: 415 Gulang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

Quick Door Service Hotline: 400-820- 3520



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