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产品名称: Welding (robot) equipment protective screen door
产品型号: Motor, frame, roller shutter lift
全国服务热线: 400-820-3520

Technical Parameters

JLKSM Shanghai Jingpeng Welding Equipment Protection Door
Appearance: high-strength anti-oxidation aluminum alloy door frame, silver-white, in line with 6063-T6 standard, cold-rolled plate electrostatic spraying door cover, chassis.
Power performance: JLKSM brake brake motor, power 0.55-1.5KW, power supply 220V/380V,
Braking voltage 220V. For other brands of motors, please contact customer service)
Control system: JLKSM microcomputer variable frequency control electric box. (If you need other brand control systems, please contact customer service)
Control voltage: safe low voltage 24VDC.
Opening speed: open 0.8-1.5m / sec / off 0.6-1.2m / sec (frequency adjustable speed).
Base fabric material: imported high-density polyester fiber surface coating treatment, thickness, color choice.
Tensile strength: 5700/5100N/5cm, tear strength 900/80N.
Fire rating: German standard MZD/NBL is difficult to burn.
Use temperature: -10 ° C 70 ° C.
Welding shield: made of polyethylene, special welding material. Anti-arc soft curtain and soft plate act on the screen of welding welding zone, only allow visible light to pass through harmful ultraviolet rays, easy to observe the working situation, prevent sparks, smoke and debris from flying, protect the safety of workers and prevent fire occur. Thickness 1mm, rectangular.

Wind-resistant type: aluminum alloy wind-resistant ribs, segmented connection, easy to replace.
Wind resistance: 9m / s (50Pa standard 3 × 3).
Sealing performance: U-shaped airbag cloth pocket at the bottom of the curtain can be closely attached to the uneven ground, and the double-side sealing top of the door frame is dustproof and insect proof.
Safety configuration: standard infrared photoelectric protection, pressure airbag, warning light, anti-collision column, power failure manual rocker.

Shanghai Jingpeng provides you with multiple sensing systems:
Manual button control (basic configuration)
Manual drawstring control (economical and practical)
Geomagnetic induction control (for vehicles and equipment channels)
Remote control (for remote control)
Radar induction control (for large flow and personnel channels)
Double-sided photoelectric control (special logistics channel)
Interlocking and interlocking of two doors (suitable for high cleanliness requirements)

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