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产品名称: Movable Anti-insect Soft Door JL-T-06
产品型号: JL-T-06
全国服务热线: 400-820-3520

Wide application

Cold insulation, thermal insulation, energy conservation, anti-insect, anti-wind, anti-moisture, anti-static, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, sound insulation, lighting, safety warning and preventing accident

Super-cold resistant curtain is still very soft at -70 ℃, with easy access of the personnel, vehicle and items, high effectiveness of isolation, preventing the loss of cold air, low cost, and saving a large amount of electricity. (USDAPL specification and nontoxic)

The (orange) curtain for anti-insect can emit a special light wave that can expel worms and make worms keep away from it, so it can be applied in food processing plant, fresh food processing center, feed plant, etc.
Applicable objects: freezer, refrigerated truck, ice-making plant, warehouse industry, transportation and marketing center, food plant, feed plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical plant, electronic plant, machinery plant, welding plant, printing plant, sterile room, computer room, office, supermarket, market of fresh food, dining-room, kitchen, door or functional compartment of any sizes and shapes and etc.

The overlap installation structure is of good gas tightness, matching the weight of the curtain, it will never be over bending, and the normal operation will not be affected at high wind speed in adverse weather condition.

The friction of the anti-static curtain will not generate static electricity, applicable to the plant where the generation of static electricity is prohibited.

PVC curtain can reduce the noise grade, prevent the spread of noise and reduce noise nuisance, which can be used as the screen of the machinery compartment to increase the comfort of the operation space and production efficiency.

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