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产品名称: Flexible door JL-SEW-R6
产品型号: JL-SEW-R6
全国服务热线: 400-820-3520

Product structure:

     1.  Pillar and beam: high quality steel
Entire door frame: bearing the weight of itself
One to Two Power braking system(s): 5.0KW-15KW
Power supply: 380V, 50hz
Control voltage: 24v
Double-layer curtain (spacing of 200-1400 between) is composed of the terylene mesh belt coated with PVC and the streamlined and reinforced glass fiber terylene board.
Temperature limits: -30—+70
Tensile strength of curtain: 400dan/5cm

 Technical parameters:
Operating speed: 6-18 m/min
Type: RM-width*height*thickness-leaf
Anti-wind load:0.75kpa
Operation mode: centralized program control or distributed normal control
Track synthetic precision:3mm
Performance of thermal insulation: 0.086w/m2
Safety: auto-lock of Grade 2

Property and characteristics of product:

1. Large utilization area (800~1500 m2), strong ability of anti-wind (typhoon of Grade 12), excellent thermal insulation performance, good sealing performance, excellent stability and reliability, easy operate and maintenance

2. On the hosting mechanism of flexible lift door are installed two sets of hydraulic pushing lever brake and one set of height limitator, as well as upper & lower position-limit switch, to ensure the safe use of the door.

3. The hosting mechanism is a winch drum that adopts an AC motor with eddy current brake to drive the open gear and parallel shaft through a cylinder gear speed reducer.

4. On the shaft between the motor and gear speed reducer and on the other shaft of the gear speed reducer are installed the hydraulic pushing lever brake respectively. Any brake may implement braking for the brake, to enable the door to lift safely and reliably.

 5. The eddy current brake is used to adjust the lifting speed of the door. On the winch drum shaft of the steel wire rope is installed a height limitator to limit its lower limit position. The hoisting mechanism is equipped with several sets of pulley blocks.

6. The inner and outer sides of the flexible lift door are sealed by the material (tri-proof canvas or PVC material). Horizontal frame and bottom frame adopt truss structure, which is made by the rectangle steel tube, or is composed of aluminum alloy material.

7. The roller bearing of the both sides of horizontal frame and bottom frame of the flexible lift door adopts three-side roller bearing to enable the door to lift up and down freely in the track of the both sides, which reduces the friction force.

8. The flexible lift door is equipped with safety brake, which will brake automatically when it stops lifting and the steel wire rope breaks, and thus the safety coefficient is greatly increased. The wind pressure resistance of the flexible lift door is 50-60kg/m2.

9. The overall dimension: the height is 5-40 meters\ width is 8-140 meters, and gross weight is up to 0.5-20 tons, and it is composed of 3-20 pieces of combination blocks with the height of 1-2 meters\width of 5-60 meters\thickness of 0.2-1.4 meters (among which the thickness of the streamlined terylene mesh belt coated with PVC or glass fiber curtain is 1mm), and each door is controlled by the electric control system. The opening speed is fast, which may reach up to 9-18 meters per minute. The ability of anti-wind is strong, which can fight against typhoon of Grade 12 and against the wind pressure of 500n/.The fighting force is strong.

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