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产品名称: Sectional Door JL-SEW-H8
产品型号: JL-SEW-H8
全国服务热线: 400-820-3520

Size range of door plate: width: 2440mm 12000mm height: 2130mm 3000mm
Thickness of door plate: 45.51mm, thermal resistance coefficient: R=14.96,18.25
Surface: Polyester-treated surface; available in white, almond and brown.
Tracks: Two types of 2 inches  (51mm)  and 3  inches  (76mm)  are all made by 1.53mm hot-dipped galvanized steel plates, including  standard, low, high lift, vertical lift and roof pitch lift track.
Balance system: out-built twisted spring balance system with work life of springs being 50,000-100,000 times circulation.
Seal: Base U-shape ethylene resin seal strips; anti-refrigerating, anti-damp, and waterproof. Sides and top are set with gutter seal strips while concave-convex groove and thermal-insulated pipes or strips are applied in the joining area between door plates.
Passage door: There are options for various-sided small doors as required when the door body is less than 5, 500mm in width.  
View window: There are options for various-sided small windows as required.
Anti-wind load of door body: 180kg/m
Inflammation-retarding testing grade: A
Industrial door opener: type of FR95-CM
Power: 250W, 330W
Driving voltage: single phase at 230V±5% and three phase at 380V±5%,50Hz.
Current: single phase at 1.7A, three phase at 0.8A
Drive mode: direct shaft and indirect chain
Output torque: single phase at 50Nm, three phase at 60 Nm
Maximum weight of door body: single phase at 350Kg, three phase at 700Kg
Position limit modes: mechanical & electrical
Motor speed: 1400RPM
Operating speed: 133mm/s (UNI8612 standard)
Start times: 100 times/24 hours
Operating temperature: -15℃~+60℃
Speed reducing mode:gear

Manual operation: adopt the operation chain to realize the connection and separation of the machinery and electrical appliance manually. It can also realize pulling the rope manually at a fast speed.
Function of wireless remote control: providing a quick and convenient wireless remote control.
Braking mode: brake of mechanical type.
Industrial bearing support: can be applied in the heavy load.
Control box: 24VAC, one key control of “OPEN/CLOSE/STOP”, stop the switch electric lock in emergency.
Safety control device: pneumatic safety protection device and infrared safety protection device can be chosen.

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